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Since you are reading this article I assume that you have an interest in getting a website translator for your site. Before you take that step there are a few things that you must know about translators. Translators are not all created equal and some will even be more aggravation then they are worth. The last thing that you want is to have a translator that only leaves your visitors frustrated with your website. By reading this article you will learn what to watch out for when getting a website translator so that you can get the translator that you need and save yourself a headache.

Below is a posting from Nico Posner of to their users: \

“Hi everyone.  My name is Nico Posner, and I am the product manager responsible for our international sites here at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a global network of over 42 million professionals from every country around the world, with approximately half of our member base outside the United States. Our mission at LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals, and we would like to do this in as many languages as possible. A frequent request from our members is to offer the LinkedIn website in their native language. Today, the LinkedIn website is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and German (we allow users to offer their profiles in over 40 languages), but we’d like to extend that to as many professionals as possible around the globe by offering additional languages.

China is constantly in the news at present due to its phenomenal economic expansion. With more and more businesses wanting to invest in China and more Chinese businesses wanting to export abroad, the Chinese market is booming. In short, China is on the fast-track to becoming a world economic heavyweight.

I know that might sound like a peculiar question. But since you are reading this article you are probably considering getting a website translator for your website. This article will give you some hard facts without any fluff about why getting a website translator could be the best investment that you could make to get more people to your website and have them take action once they are there. Keep reading and you will find out more.

The internet continues to grow and has become the default point of call for businesses and individuals searching for goods, services or information. For businesses wishing to get that competitive advantage, a multilingual website now presents one of the most high impact means of expanding a client base and securing greater sales volumes.

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