A No BS Chat with the Godfather of China’s Rich List

Rupert Hoogewerf of Hurun Report and International Real Estate Marketer and Caimeiju Founder, Jeff Toth discuss China in the age of post Covid-19.

Hurun Report is widely recognized as the foremost authority in tracking the rapid changes amongst China’s high net worth individuals. 

Jeff and Rupert discuss China’s past and current role in the world of real estate investment, position in the world economy, and insights behind the stories that shaped the country’s most successful entrepreneurs.

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An Easy Trick for Starting PPC Campaigns on Baidu

How to achieve first page results on Chinese search engines in less than 7 days

Western companies are just now realizing how complex doing business in China is. Whether you’re selling luxury real estate, travel experiences, or super-yachts, the first step in being found in China is online search.

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How to Motivate Chinese Brokers to Sell Your Real Estate Development

Agents you’ve probably never heard of who do huge business

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Local Expert or Rock Star Agent; Who is Best to Sell Your Luxury Home?

Does your local real estate agent have A-list celebrities, professional athletes, business leaders, and international high-net-worth individuals on speed-dial?

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Are Luxury Property Shows in China Worth it?

LPS is the leading luxury real estate exhibition in China for overseas property.  The December 7-9, 2018 show in Shanghai welcomed over 200 luxury real estate companies from around the world. But are these shows worth the investment? 

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How to Post Real Estate Videos in China

You’ve just dropped $5,000 (or more) on a top-of-the-line cinematic masterpiece for your new listing; drone footage, fancy car pulling up to the house, models… Now consider there are over 80 Million people in China wealthy enough to purchase luxury property overseas who will never see your video.

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Chinese Translation for Real Estate Publishing; How to Steer Clear of Disaster

If you’re just getting started outsourcing translation projects for your real estate firm, here are some helpful tips on how to steer clear of disaster.

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How to Share Real Estate Listings Using WeChat

You may have heard about agents selling houses through WeChat. Here’s how it works.

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Chinese Real Estate Sellers?

There’s a new narrative, and it’s only become apparent over the last 12-15 months. That’s Chinese Real Estate Sellers

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