Chinese Translation for Real Estate Publishing; How to Steer Clear of Disaster

If you’re just getting started outsourcing translation projects for your real estate firm, here are some helpful tips on how to steer clear of disaster.

On the surface, launching a foreign language project can seem easy; simply Google Chinese Translation and hire the person with the most stars… Unfortunately, localization isn’t that easy and can be more like a minefield if you don’t know what to look for.

Chinese website translation is a little more forgiving because mistakes can be easily fixed. Print requires a little more nerve since once the ink is on paper, there’s no going back.

Here are some helpful tips to make sure your Chinese translation project goes smoothly.

Choose your Chinese Translator Wisely:

Real estate is filled with local terminology and jargon. Even the most highly rated linguist will have trouble if they are not familiar with industry terms.


Once the linguist has completed the translation you’ll need another qualified person to proofread. It’s not uncommon for a proofreader to suggest alternative phrasing. The original translator and the proofer will usually work together to agree on the best sentence structure when in question.

Desktop Publishing (DTP):

Assuming you are lucky enough to get a good translation, the next hurdle is formatting, or what’s commonly known as DTP. Chinese fonts can be tricky to work with for graphic designers. Ideally, your translator will provide an IDML file that can be dropped into the Indesign file. If not, you’re going to require a graphic designer who reads Chinese.

Print-ready Files:

Providing your printer a print-ready file, usually a high-resolution PDF is the final step There are too many opportunities to for things to go wrong when the files are in prepress if you only provide native InDesign files. Examples included but are not limited to shifting text, missing images, font issues (especially Chinese fonts).

Caimeiju has successfully translated hundreds of Chinese Real Estate magazines and corporate marketing materials. Our team consists of the best industry linguists as well as in-house pre-press department. Contact us if you need help.