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Core Services
  • Professional linguists translate full property descriptions
  • Post properties and company information to Chinese social media, real estate, and video sharing sites
  • Chinese SEO: Be found on top Chinese Local search engines like Baidu, Google China, Bing.CN and Yahoo Taiwan with top Chinese keywords like "美国房产 U.S. Housing "
  • Promotion of properties to real estate professionals in China.
  • Social media Sharing Functionality, even Chinese Social Media Websites!
  • Fully translated profile showcasing your company and your services. Our professional linguists translate your information. It’s like having your own personal mini Chinese Website!

Ancillary Services

  • Landing page creation and A/B testing
  • Content creation and professional writing services
  • Baidu and Google PPC campaign management.
  • Creative design and media publishing services
  • Lead generation and capture campaigns
  • Tradeshow representation
  • Print advertising in Chinese publications
  • Graphic design and ad creation


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