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The holy grail of search engine marketing is to rank high organically. To achieve this goal Caimeiju employes a team of SEO experts based out of  China to make sure that all articles and navigation are optimized for the unique algorithms used by Baidu, Sogou, Soso, Cn.Bing, and several other top Chinese search engines.
Renren, one of China's largest social networking sites and often referred to as the Facebook of China was virtually unknown to the average American social media junkie up until last month when they announced their IPO target date. Today the stock RENN (NYSW) has offically gone public creating quite a buzz in the financial world raising $743 million for the Beijing-based company.
Ever wonder how things seem to go "viral" so quickly these days? Social media sharing has grown to a level that it is virtually impossible to keep track of every single platform.

If you follow our blog or are familiar with China, probably you have heard of Baidu, China's largest search engine. Recently we have been seeing increasing traffic from another Chinese search engine though; it is called SoGou (The Search Dog)

We write a lot about Chinese Social Media. It is not always that easy to explain so you can imagine how excited were to find this little clip from CNN!

Following my last post, a female friend of mine sent me an interesting link to a new report on digital marketing.

In the report released by market research company, Gartner Inc. late last year, the analyst Adam Sarner estimated that more than 75% of the Fortune 1000 enterprises had employed social networks as a tool of marketing and customer-relationship management. However, Mr Sarner also suggested that half of the ongoing social media marketing and customer-relationship activities will turn to failure. He highlighted Facebook as an example, saying it is uneasy for enterprises to implement marketing strategies in social networks which are a tool to promote relationship and friendship rather than a tool for enterprises to get more money.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009, 11:48:04 AM | Stefan Swanepoel (Author, Speaker & Trends Guru) Swanepoel Trends Report (

For a long time most international markets have felt far away, and many Americans didn't care nor were they very interested in foreign cities. Although the Web has brought us closer together as a people we still remain apart. Few products or services illustrate this better than the buying or selling of a home.


Enfodesk's & International Analysis' soon to be released 'Q1 2009 Chinese Instant Messaging Market Report' has some interesting numbers:

It's a huge figure, no doubt about it. But official figures from China confirm that this is the case.

China's state-run network information center, CINIC, included this figure in a report it released in July 2008. The lengthy report has some other huge numbers:

  • 253 million internet users
  • Over 84% connecting via Broadband
  • 73 million access the internet via mobile phones

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