Chinese Real Estate Sellers?

There’s a new narrative, and it’s only become apparent over the last 12-15 months. That’s Chinese Real Estate Sellers

Typically the story begins with Chinese Real Estate Buyers or Chinese Real Estate Investors, but it’s been almost a decade now; many Chinese nationals have owned their properties overseas for a long time. Some are ready to leverage their appreciation towards an upgrade and putting their existing houses on the market.

It’s not uncommon we receive a call in broken English from a Chinese homeowner looking for an agent to list their home and who can reach China. One of the more notable recent properties was in the range of USD 19 Million.

All luxury home sellers can be demanding, but the unique requirements we see from Chinese Luxury home sellers are:

  1. The listing agent has a proven track record selling ultra high-end property
  2. The agent promotes the property with attention to quality and detail in China; including perfect translation, digital media, Baidu SEO exposure, and Video.
  3. The listing brokerage name is familiar and reputable. Brands are significant in China and in luxury real estate, the brokerage, and even the agent can be a brand.
  4. Respect for privacy

If your luxury property commands a global audience and you’re looking for the right agent to market it in China efficiently, contact us.